Bryan Abeling

Let's be real: there is more to life than work. Which means, for me, there is more to life than retouching. That being said, work is very important. It's just not all-important. It ought to be a source of satisfaction (if done well), as well as a means of support for you and your loved ones. It should be fun! It should be challenging! If you're pushing your personal envelope it should be occasionally frustrating! For me retouching is all of those things. I've spent literally decades honing this Craft and, I am proud to say, have achieved a very high level of expertise. I can look at a raw image and, almost immediately, know how it should look and the best and most efficient way to get it there. In many ways retouching is second nature to me. It ought to be after nearly 25 years! Many local photographers and agencies know and appreciate my work. Some of the most high profile companies in the world are among my current clients. In all humility, I am the one they trust with their valuable imagery, and I am the one they call when they absolutely need it right.